Sales agreement Avesta company s.r.o

General conditions

Purchasing goods from Avesta company s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as Avesta Beads), a Buyer confirms that he/she accepts this Sales agreement (hereinafter referred to as Agreement). This Agreement is deemed to be a formal offer between Avesta Beads and a Buyer. This Agreement shall prevail over other previous versions of the Agreement. Conditions hereof are applicable without any limitations until Parties decide to change these conditions.


Placing an order

Current information about goods and prices is available on the website

A Buyer places an order on goods in any form of written correspondence, including website, electronic mail, fax, letter and other means of Internet, which allows identifying a Buyer. 

Irrespective of the means of communication, used for placing an order, order is deemed to be accepted and this Agreement shall come into force immediately upon written order confirmation.

In case of shortage of some goods, Avesta Beads reserves the right to exclude them from an order or replace them with other goods with prior Buyer's consent. 

Parameters of goods (such as color, condition and size) quoted in catalogues, booklets, sample charts and so on, are deemed to be mandatory only if they are quoted in the order confirmation. Slight changes in pictures and small discrepancies with regard to color shades are allowable. A confirmed order can be canceled with Buyer's prior written request.



Ordered goods shall be packed properly to avoid damages during transportation.



All prices quoted on the website shall be deemed as effective unless agreed otherwise. Avesta Beads reserves the right to quote prices of goods in accordance with prices effective at the moment of shipping of goods unless otherwise agreed.



Shipping of goods is arranged from the stock of manufacturer. Delivery terms shall depend on availability of goods in the stock of manufacturer. Delivery time shall be stated in the order confirmation. Shipping of order can be arranged in several parts. If a Buyer refuses or wants to return goods without stating any cogent reason, he/she shall be advised that all costs regarding shipping, insurance, shipping and customs fees shall be at his/her expense.


Payment conditions

Order is deemed to be paid if total sum quoted in an invoice has been transferred to Avesta Beads account in full. A Buyer shall be liable to make a payment according to written instructions of Avesta Beads, to Avesta Beads directly or to Avesta Beads bank account. 

If a Buyer cannot pay invoices in time, Avesta Beads reserves the right to charge penalty in amount of 6% per year on all overdue invoices. This period of time shall be counted from the due date of payment till the actual payment. In case of failure to pay Avesta Beads has the right to suspend or cancel any future dispatches, which shall be deemed as termination of the Agreement.  

A Buyer cannot suspend full payment or its part at his/her own discretion. A Buyer cannot deduct part of payment from the total sum due without prior consent of Avesta Beads.


Claims and warranty

Before shipping an order Avesta Beads shall check goods for any damages. Upon receipt of goods a Buyer shall thoroughly check the goods for defects or correspondence with the order. 

Any claim in respect of visible defects or any other imperfection of goods shall be submitted to Avesta Beads within 14 days of receipt of goods. All claims submitted after 14 days of receipt of goods shall be deemed as void. 

Warranty for concealed defects is 12 months of the delivery date.

All claims shall be submitted in written form and include a detailed description and evidence (e.g. photographs of defects). In case of confirmation of defects a Buyer must return defected goods in original package according to the request of Avesta Beads.

If a claim is valid Avesta Beads shall be liable to exchange defected goods or refund the price of defected goods to a Buyer. Avesta Beads cannot guarantee or shall be liable for anything that is not stated in this Agreement.